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2010 Southwest Florida Regional Boating and Waterways Workshop

The 2010 Southwest Florida Regional Boating and Waterways Workshop was held on September 9 & 10, 2010 in Punta Gorda, Florida.  The Regional Workshop examined innovative strategies to balance economic vitality with ecologically sound management practices along southwest Florida's waterways. The participants included a mix of managers, planners, policymakers, lawyers, and industry people from state, local and regional levels (both private and public sectors).

 The first day of the workshops consisted of presentations by local and state experts.  The presentations were grouped by subject matters including comprehensive planning tools; funds, permits and legal considerations and dealing with derelict vessels.  Each series of presentations was followed by a panel question and answer session that was moderated by a Florida Sea Grant Agent.  The presentations were very informative and were followed by lively discussions that included inquiries about methods to make boating and waterways planning easier, more useful to stakeholders and quantifiable. 

 The second day of the workshop was a half day facilitated planning session designed to allow participants to conduct strategic planning for boating and waterways in Southwest Florida based on their expertise and information gathered from the previous day’s presentations.   

Presentations, question and answer summaries and the facilitated planning session summary are available electronically as PDF documents by clicking the workshop summary link to the right. Additional information about the workshop may also be found via subsequent links at right.



Workshop Summary

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