Florida Yards &
Neighborhoods (FYN)

FYN Principle #1 -
Right Plant, Right Place

The cornerstone principle of the Florida Yards & Neighborhoods program is “Right Plant, Right Place.” By properly evaluating site conditions and choosing plants appropriate to that site you will greatly reduce or completely eliminate the need for supplemental irrigation, fertilization, pesticide application and intensive labor.

Gardening is a simple endeavor when you learn a little about your growing conditions, remain unafraid to try new things and then accept the fact that perfection is impossible. Florida’s climate is characterized by mostly nutrient-deficient, sandy soLearn how to transform your yard and lawn into a Florida-friendly landscape design that will be the envy of the neighborhood!ils, sweltering heat and rainfall extremes. Native plants can be a wonderful choice because they have adapted to thrive in Florida, but there are also a number of exotic plants that grow beautifully here as well. Charlotte County Master Gardeners are a wonderful resThe database contains nearly 380 trees, palms, shrubs, flowers, groundcovers, grasses and vines that are recommended by UF/IFAS horticulture experts.ource for your gardening questions.

Be sure to check out www.FloridaYards.org to search the interactive plant database of Florida-Friendly Plants. The search engine allows you to search for plants based on type (tree, shrub, groundcover, etc.), light range, soil moisture, soil texture and salt-tolerance.

Getting a soil test can be helpful for evaluating site conditions. Pick up a soil test kit at our office or print out the Landscape & Vegetable Garden Test Information Sheet and follow the instructions for sending samples to the University of Florida Soil Testing Laboratory.

Florida Friendly Plant List

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